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Our results

Are you interested in one of our courses, do you want to know the graduation rate of our last school year apprentices or even their employment rate?

RegionsSuccess rate
outgoing class
Break-off rate*
outgoing class
Rate of integration**
at 12 months***
Ile de France
Licences Pro98%3%50%
Master 2100%2%83%
Nouvelle aquitaine
Licences Pro100%4%29%
Masters 2100%0%100%
Licences Pro100%0%53%
Masters 2100%1,6%75%
PharmaPlus ENSIC83%0%100%
Pays de la Loire
Masters 297%3%86%
Centre-Val de Loire
Licences Pro95%3%50%
Masters 2100%7%100%
Ingénieur POLYTECHData available
in autumn 2023
Data available
in autumn 2023
Data available
in 2024
Auvergne Rhône-Alpes
Licences ProData available
in autumn 2021
Masters 21%80%
Masters 2100%11%Data available
in 2023

rate calculated on returns obtained during the survey *** results of surveys carried out between November 2022 and December 2022