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Mention cosmétique, pharmacie et agro alimentaire

Engineer in industrial engineering

Polytech Orléans
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The course

The Polytech network brings together 15 engineering schools. All are public university schools under the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and awarding engineering degrees recognized by the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur (CTI).

With 12 fields of training, more than 80,000 graduates, including 3,600 per year, i.e. 10% of graduate engineers in France, the Polytech schools constitute one of the largest French networks for training engineers.

The 15 schools in the Polytech network are developing an original model for training engineers. Combining a humanist and societal approach, development of thought and intellectual freedom, the schools pursue a global policy of openness, faithful to the values ​​of the University.

 The Polytech network accompanies various profiles towards success and the emergence of each person’s talents.

The specialty trains engineers able to meet the challenges of manufacturing and industrializing the products of tomorrow in strategic and innovative sectors: cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and agri-food.

This training thus aims to Train an engineer with a double skill:

Master the general skills of Industrial Engineering to innovate, integrate new technologies to optimize production tools.

Master the specificities, the challenges of production in sectors subject to strong health, regulatory, environmental, social responsibility constraints, etc.

This original training, combined with strong industrial experience, aims to train an attractive and immediately operational engineer to meet the challenges of innovation in companies.


Pace of learning

First year , from September to June : 2 à 3 weeks at Polytech / 2 à 3 weeks in a company
from july to august : full time in company
Second year, from September to June : 3 weeks at Polytech / 2 to 3 weeks in a company
from july to august : full time in company
Third year, from September to June : 2 to 3 weeks at Polytech / 2 to 3 weeks in a company
from march to august : full time in company

Course duration

3 years

Teaching methods

Amphitheater courses, TD and TP, with video projection and group work Tutored projects.

Knowledge control

Integral continuous monitoring for Academic Teaching Units. Period in company: follow-up sheet, dissertation, and defense.

The professions associated.

The program

The industrial engineering course offers 1800 hours of training over 3 years in the form of lectures, tutorials, practical work, and projects.

  • engineering sciences and tools
  • international communication
  • management of people and projects
  • QHSE
  • business strategy
  • management control
  • innovation
  • information system
  • galenic
  • engineering of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and agri-food processes
  • air and water treatment
  • process control and regulation
  • experimental plans, optimization tools and methods
  • operational safety
  • maintenance


People with disabilities wishing to follow this training are invited to contact us directly to study together the required access procedures. 


Key figures

Openings in 2022-2023: data available at the end of 2023

Admission requirements

Be under the age of 30 to benefit from an apprenticeship contract and have validated their A-levels (named Bac in France) + more 2 years.

Students over 30 can benefit from a professionalization contract. 

Online registration on the Polytech Orléans website

Selection procedure

File examination and selection interview.
Leem apprentissage
Your privileged contact CFA Leem Apprentissage Jennifer FLEURY 06 25 70 40 56
Polytech Orléans Admissions Polytech 45072 Orléans Cedex 2

Effectuer une mobilité en Europe ou à l’international, est l’occasion :

-de découvrir une autre culture et une autre façon de travailler ;

-d’améliorer vos compétences linguistiques et culturelles en situation de travail ;

-d’enrichir vos pratiques professionnelles par la découverte d’outils et de techniques propres au pays d’accueil.

Une mobilité internationale est une expérience professionnelle très valorisante. Cela apporte un réel atout à un candidat qui peut faire la différence pour une embauche.

Pendant la période de mobilité à l’étranger, le principe de l’alternance inhérent au contrat ne s’applique plus. Les étudiants ne sont pas tenus d’alterner enseignements et périodes de formation en entreprise, de sorte qu’ils peuvent réaliser uniquement de la formation en entreprise ou uniquement des enseignements en organisme de formation lors de leur séjour à l’étranger.

Votre contact au CFA LEEM:

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(i) Update : August 2023