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Become an apprentice and
excel in the healthcare industry

Apprenticeship is a path to excellence that allows you to do everything at the same time to continue your studies, immerse yourself in the world of work and prepare you for a job.

Learning successful is the one which combines

  • your willingness to work in a company and within
    university or educational institution
  • a commitment of the apprenticeship master in the support and follow-up that he grants you
  • the force of conviction of the pedagogical tutor in his
    training action

Your advantages


  • Have a work contract
  • Being an employee of a company
  • Obtain a diploma in a work situation and being paid (the salary is partially exempt from charges)
  • Have the possibility of linking several contracts in order to prepare several successive and / or complementary diplomas.

Our reach

It is now possible to go abroad as an apprentice.

The Professional Future Law has broadened the rules for the international mobility of apprentices by opening it up to countries outside the European Union. International mobility is an important element of the apprenticeship reform, and in particular of the Law of September 5, 2018 for the freedom to choose one’s professional future.

A decree of October 2019 specified the content of the agreements that bind the employers, the apprentice, and the Training Center.

The apprentice can carry out part of his apprenticeship contract abroad for a maximum period of one year. However, the duration of the contract in France must always be at least 6 months.