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What are the main parts of apprenticeship ?

To have apprenticeship, many persons intervene with each of them a unique mission.

The School

The school has multiple missions.

First of all, it advises the future apprentices in their pursuing of studies.

It is also the main contact for companies in search of apprentices and that’s why it participates with the different parts of the future apprentice’s selection.

t also insures for each apprentice, an induction monitoring during the training until the contract is signed with a company

Finally, it creates a link all during the school year between the different parts of apprentice training to guarantee the best monitoring of each apprentice.

The apprentice

Once the contract is signed, the student is an employee and can subscribe to and begin the training period to which they were accepted.

They benefit from the same rights and obligations as any other employee. During the training period, they will both have periods in the company where they will do on-the-job training and periods when they will be at school where they will be taught by a pedagogical team. They benefit from an adapted monitoring to obtain the competences useful to their job to be recognized professionals at the end of the training period.

If all sessions are satisfactory, they obtain a higher education diploma. The cost of the training period is paid by the company.

The company

The company is both the employer and the trainer of the apprentice. It pays a salary to the apprentice for their work done and prepare them for the job they are assigned to.

In the company, a person oversees the host, the orientation, the training, and missions which are given to the apprentice. This person is their tutor. He/she has to define the job which the apprentice will do and to evaluate the progression from the beginning to the end of the contract. The tutor will also regularly verify the evolution of the apprentice regarding the job requested. He/she also ensures the coordination between other workers in the company, the missions of the apprentice.

Finally, he/she is the main contact for the pedagogical tutor.

The universities or engineering schools

The universities or engineering schools in contact with the cfa leem is an essential complement to the training period in the company.

Thanks to the apprentice contract, the young person will have both the diploma and professionalization for a job. The company mainly offers all the required professional competences.

The school allows the follow the construction of reflexional, summary and decision through knowledge but also thanks to pedagogical games to develop transversal competences.

To improve the training efficiency, a pedagogical tutor ensures a personalized contact with the apprentice.

The pedagogical tutor is co-responsible with the tutor within the company, for the evolution of the apprentice. He/she is one of the teacher’s team members of the apprentice within the school. Thanks to phone exchanges, visits in the company and presence all along the contract, the pedagogical tutor gives ideas, listens, and guides the apprentice.