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The CFA LEEM apprenticeship was created by LEEM (The medical firms) and offer training which fulfill the demands of the health industry.

LEEM is the professional organization which unites and represents the medical firms located in France.

The CFA Leem apprenticeship develops partnerships with universities, schools, and establishments of higher learning in some regions.

In this type of organization, participating members of the Cfa Leem apprenticeship are trained teachers, professors, and industry specialists.

Training in the firms is done with help from an apprenticeship master who will guide the apprentice all along the training to learn more about the company, the job and gain more knowledge and competences.

At the end of their apprenticeship contract, the apprentice (if they are successful in all their exams) will receive a higher education diploma (or from “National Education” depending on the prepared diploma).

Since its creation in 2006, Cfa Leem Apprentissage has hosted more than 3 700 apprentices. Most of them are trained at A-levels +5/6 years (61%) but also A-levels+3 years (33%) and A-levels + 2 years (6%).

We are a branch CFA

We help our candidates to
finding an apprenticeship contract

We inform our apprentices about the assistance
available to them

We run a LinkedIn alumni network
on which job offers are posted

The CFA team

Marc HONORE Directeur du CFA Leem-Apprentissage
Kevin HAMET Directeur adjoint du CFA Leem Apprentissage 06 46 10 15 29
Audrey SCHUCK / SCHWOOB Conseillère Grand Est 06 08 16 96 74
Jennifer FLEURY Conseillère Centre Val de Loire et Pays de la Loire 06 25 70 40 56
Ludivine DELPEYROU Conseillère Nouvelle-Aquitaine 06 75 71 91 67
Düdü KARAKAYA Conseillère Auvergne Rhône-Alpes 07 85 36 24 16
Justine BRINGUIER Conseillère Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur 07 50 56 66 00
Charles BURGEVIN Conseiller Auvergne Rhône-Alpes 07 50 55 74 11
Julie BLANCHON Conseillère Ile-de-France 07 56 36 71 88
Hakim DUCHENE Conseiller Ile-de-France 07 50 54 91 28
Gabrielle DA CUNHA international mobility manager ✈ 00 33
Elodie SOUSA Conseillère Ile-de-France 0772456105
Servane JOBARD Conseillère Ile-de-France 07 56 42 08 08
Thibault PERNET Conseiller Auvergne Rhône-Alpes 07 50 54 32 53
Constance DE RAMECOURT Conseillère Nouvelle-Aquitaine +33141102695
Eymerick BLANCONNIER Pays de la Loire et Centre Val de Loire 01 41 10 26 90