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Biotechnologies and biotherapies
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Mention Sciences du Médicament et de Produits de Santé

Master 2 Biotherapies and advanced therapy drugs

UFR de pharmacie Nantes Université
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The course

The objectives of the training are to acquire solid scientific and technical skills relating to the design, manufacture and control of biotherapies and innovative therapy drugs as well as expertise in intellectual property, management and regulations associated with the development of these therapies.


This training provides in-depth knowledge essential to the biotherapy industry sector, from a scientific, economic, regulatory and quality assurance point of view. It prepares young graduates for entry into the key sector of the pharmaceutical biotechnology industry by giving them access to immediate opportunities.




Online registration

Pace of learning

September/october 3 weeks courses, 4 weeks in company
November/décember 2 weeks courses, 3 weeks in company, 1 week courses 3 weeks in company
January/February 3 weeks courses, 5 weeks in company
March to May 1 week courses, 3 weeks in company
June to mid-september full time in company
September presentation of the defense

Course duration

12 months

Teaching methods

Theoretical courses with a significant proportion of tutorials and practicals, particularly in an industrial context. Pedagogy based on the conduct of collaborative projects in autonomy.


Knowledge control

Integral continuous monitoring (written and oral exams and/or assignments)

The professions associated.

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Our apprenticeships offer training in development, production, quality, regulatory affairs, legal affairs, health economics, clinical research, pharmacovigilance and marketing.

The program

The Master 2 “Biotherapies and Innovative Therapies Drugs” offers 400 hours of training over 12 months. 

UE: Teaching Unit

TU E-learning: GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

TU Quality Assurance

TU Statistics and Biostatistics

TU Project Management and Production Management

TU Molecular Biotherapies, Biosimilars

TU Advanced therapy medicinal products

TU Pre-clinical models

TU Regulatory specifics

TU GMP and Quality Management

TU Development of production processes of Biotherapies

TU QA and biotechnology, GLP / GMPTU Physico-Chemical Controls, Controls Microbiological and Biosafety

TU English TOEIC preparation

TU Intellectual Property, awareness of entrepreneurship, biotechnology start-ups health

TU Business integration, management by quality and personal development

TU Tutored project

TU Apprenticeship in company

TU Optional European mobility 


People with disabilities wishing to follow this training are invited to contact us directly to study together the required access procedures.


Key figures

100% exam success rate
40 k The average salary of a graduate

Admission requirements

Etre âgé(e) de moins de 30 ans pour bénéficier d’un contrat d’apprentissage et d’avoir validé :

– 1ère année de Master « Sciences du médicament » validée ou autre formation équivalente
– Diplôme de Docteur en Pharmacie (ou 5ème année validée)
– Diplôme de Docteur en Médecine (ou 5ème année validée)
– Diplôme d’ingénieur généraliste (ou 5ème année validée)
– Diplôme de Docteur Vétérinaire (ou 5ème année validée)


Les étudiants de plus de 30 ans peuvent bénéficier d’un contrat de professionnalisation.

Disabled people wishing to take this course are invited to contact us directly to discuss the access requirements.

Access to training :

Receipt of applications: the opening dates for applications depend on the course. Please visit the university website to find out the dates. As soon as the dates are set by the university authorities, the CFA presents them on its site and the application is submitted, either on Ecandidat, Apoflux or any other indicated platform.
Course start times: Each course starts differently. On average, it can take from 3 to 7 months from application, selection interviews, confirmation of pre-admission by the educational supervisors, signature of the apprenticeship contract and the start of the course. Depending on the course you wish to follow, you need to calculate the number of weeks between submitting your application and the start of the course, as specified on the website.
Admission process: application and interview.
Apprenticeship or professionalization contract signed with an employer.

Financing :

Within the framework of an apprenticeship or professionalization contract, the cost of training is financed by the France Compétences agency via the company’s OPCO (depending on the collective agreement applied). No training or enrolment fees will be charged to the beneficiary of the apprenticeship or professionalization contract.

The CFA assists companies in having the cost of training covered by the OPCO. Depending on the circumstances, duly indicated on the training form, a remaining charge may be applied over and above the amount financed by France Compétences.

Special conditions for public institutions (contact the appropriate advisor)


Selection procedure

File examination and selection interview.
Your privileged contact CFA Leem Apprentissage Jennifer FLEURY 06 25 70 40 56
UFR de pharmacie Nantes Université 9 Rue Bias 44000 NANTES
UFR de Pharmacie 9, rue Bias 44035 Nantes Cedex 1
Educational establishment
Responsables pédagogiques Sophie Fougeray 
Stéphane Birklé 
Service scolarité Référence du service

Mobility in Europe or internationally is an opportunity:

-to discover another culture and another way of working;

-to improve your linguistic and cultural skills in a work situation;

-to enrich your professional practices by discovering tools and techniques specific to the host country.


International mobility is a very rewarding professional experience. This brings a real asset to a candidate who can make the difference for a job.


During the period of mobility abroad, the principle of alternation inherent in the contract no longer applies. Students are not required to alternate courses and periods of training in a company, so that they can only carry out training in a company or only courses in a training organization during their stay abroad.


Your contact at CFA LEEM:

Mrs Gabrielle da Cunha

+ 336.


This course is certified
(i) Update : August 2023